APCRI ? TATA Project on Rabies Control in Jamshedpur

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The APCRI-TATA Project on Rabies Control is an Integrated Approach for Eliminating Human Rabies, Reducing the number of incidents of Dog-bites, Reducing other Zoonoses, and Improving Street Dog Welfare, at Jamshedpur, in the state of Jharkhand. The Project is of three years duration, and till now it has covered one year.? The description of the work done so far is as follows:

1. Survey Work.

The survey work in different wards of Jamshedpur area has been going as per the work plan. . This data has been coordinated with a GPS tracking system and uploaded in the Wise Monkey Data Base for further analysis. This is a computer soft ware especially prepared for this project by the Glasgow team and it is being updated constantly from Glasgow.? A total of 384 household surveys have been done and the results uploaded. The survey work will continue according in the year 2014-15.

2. Continuous Medical Education.

Continuing Medical Education is part of the programme to educate medical practioners on Rabies. A total of four meetings were organized for medical doctors of Jamshedpur Area. Dr. Sumit Poddar, Dr.AmlanGoswami, Dr.G.Sampath and Dr.Srinivasa Rao along with Dr.K.K.Singh were the experts who visited Jamshedpur and conducted the programs. These meetings have been organized to increase the practical knowledge of Doctors treating Animal Bite Victims, from both the Govt. and Private sectors.

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3. Rabies Diagnosis Training.

One of the mandates of the project is to establish a Rabies Diagnosis Laboratory at Jamshedpur. The laboratory is yet to be completed, as this work has to be implemented by JUSCO.

In order to train the local Veterinarians from Jamshedpur who will later on be manning the Laboratory, two local Veterinarians were sent to Bangalore Veterinary College, Bangalore, that houses the state of the art Rabies Diagnosis Laboratory supported by Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA), GARCand Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) and Crucell Laboratories, Holland for a Rabies Diagnosis program. The training programme included routine Rabies diagnosis as well as the latest Rabies diagnosis technology including the technique of Direct Rapid Immunohistochemistry Test (dRIT) and Fluorescent Antibody Test and an on hands training given including handling of positive brain samples. This program was supervised by Dr.Charles Rupprect former CDC Atlanta Rabies expert and currently Research Director GARC and Dr.S.Isloor, Professor of Microbiology at the Veterinary College, Bangalore.

4. School Education Programme.

A second mandate of the project is to create awareness among the public and especially school children. In this regard a Teachers awareness programs were organized on a regular basis. There were four such programs organized and Dr. K. K. Singh, East Zone Representative of APCRI and Program Coordinator of the Project undertook the training program. A total of 110 Teachers have been trained and in turn a total of 30394 school children made aware of Rabies. The work will continue this year.

5. Training Programme on Intra Dermal vaccination of Rabies Vaccine

One program was organized as part of the project and was held at the Institute of Public Health Hyderabad 0n 17th to 19th August 2013. Two doctors and two nurses from Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur and Tata Motor Hospital were deputed for the course. The training was conducted under the supervision of Dr. G. Sampath Past President of APCRI, Dr. Amlan Goswami, Secretary General, APCRI, Dr. Srinivas Rao EC member, APCRI and Dr. K. K. Singh EC member, APCRI.

6. World Rabies Day

September 28th was celebrated as World Rabies Day throughout the world. As part of this event, a programme was organized in Jamshedpur on Saturday 28th September, 2013, with a public awareness programme on Rabies. Banners and posters were displayed throughout Jamshedpur and pamphlets on Rabies printed both in English and Hindi were distributed. A rally by school children was also organized.

Future Programmes

During the next few months more CMEs and teacher training programmes will be held and survey work will continue. Once JUSCO completes the civil work of the laboratory, equipment will be purchased and the lab will be equipped to handle Rabies diagnosis of positive dogs.


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