National Seminar on Rabies Prophylaxis

On Saturday 26th April, 2014, a National Seminar on Rabies Prophylaxis was organized by the Association for Prevention and Control of Rabies in India [APCRI] at the auditorium of the Maharishi Valmiki Infectious Diseases Hospital in Delhi.

The Maharishi Valmiki Infectious Diseases Hospital [MVID Hospital] is situated at Kingsway Camp in Delhi. It is the only hospital in the state of Delhi to offer admission and treatment of Rabies patients and also offer Post Exposure Vaccination against Rabies and RIGs infiltration to the animal bite victims. This venue was selected by APCRI to use the facility of the Anti-Rabies Clinic of MVID hospital for a live demonstration of IDRV and RIGs administration.

The Inaugural Program began with a ?Welcome Address? by Dr. Rajnish Kumar, APCRI Life Member, who had played a major role in organizing the seminar.

This was followed by a Power Point Presentation by Dr. Amlan Goswami, Secretary General, APCRI on ?APCRI and its ACTIVITIES?. In that presentation, information about How and Why and When APCRI was founded, What APCRI is, Who are its members, Which places in India it has members and where its presence is felt, Its role in getting NTV to be banned and IDRV to be started in Govt. clinics, Its various activities and Publications and Finally some information about the ongoing APCRI-Tata Project in Jamshedpur was presented.

This was followed by the Scientific Part of the Seminar with Dr. N. K. Yadav, Municipal Health Officer, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, delivering a Talk with Power Point Slides on ?Rabies Prevalence & Control- The Situation in Delhi?.

Dr. Veena Mittal, Additional Director, National Centre for Disease Control [NCDC], Delhi, was the next speaker, and she spoke on ?The National Rabies Control Program?.

Dr. Mala Chhabra, Joint Director, National Centre for Disease Control [NCDC], then presented with a very detailed and very interesting presentation with very nice slides on ?The Latest Guidelines on Rabies Post and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis from NCDC?.

Dr. B. J. Mahendra, Head of the Department of Community Medicine of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, was the next speaker. He gave a very lively presentation on ?Rabies Immunoglobulins?. Dr. Mahendra?s presentation had additional inputs from Dr. G. Sampath on Monoclonal Antibody cocktails.

This was followed by the presentation of Momentoes to the Speakers, Chair Persons and some Key Invitees and Functionaries.

Finally Dr. A. K. Gupta came to the podium to convey the ?Vote of Thanks? to the delegates, dignitaries, the sponsors, and all those who helped to make the Seminar a Grand Success.

A Complementary Lunch for all delegates was also organized by APCRI after the seminar ended.

This Grand Show by APCRI would not have taken place without the very great effort by Dr. G. Sampath and Dr. Rajnish Kumar, with smaller contributions by Dr. V. Srinivas Rao, Dr. A. K. Gupta and Dr. Amlan Goswami.

The Auditorium is equipped to cater to about 100 delegates. There were more than 170 delegates in the auditorium. Extra chairs had to be brought to accommodate more delegates. The delegates were mostly Doctors working in various Govt. and Private hospitals and clinics in Delhi and its surrounding areas.

The Final Message was that the Seminar was very nicely organized and achieved all its goals and was highly successful in all respects.


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